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Adenix S.M.A.R.T. Explorer 1.0

SMART Explorer monitors the reliability and integrity of your SMART system
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Adenix Technologies, Inc.

Too often we as users are caught unawares by system degradation and unwanted and unaffordable downtime. SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis And Reporting Technology) is intended to protect your data from unexpected system failure. It constantly monitors the performance and the calibrated parameters and so can warn the user of any pending risk of data loss, time lost through a system failure.

Adenix SMART Explorer monitors the reliability and integrity of your SMART system as well as other locally installed devices and even your network. This is called API and can very easily be used to access SMART from the platform of an IDE (Integrated Development Platform).

Adenix is not limited to your PC’s hard drive, but can remotely monitor other hard drives on your LAN via DCOM initiatives. It is also designed to be compatible with Windows version from 95 upwards. However it is useful to note that some feature might be excluded on Windows 95 version up to Me.

More about Application Programming Interface (API): it was intended to function through automation. It contains a function called Component Object Model, which makes it possible to use this program in a number of languages such as MS Visual Basic, Visual C++, Inprise Delphi, Scripting languages and finally C++ Builder

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